Special Wedding Package (Coordination with Music Quartet)

 Preparation – Two months Before The Wedding

  • Prepares guest master list
  • Plans guest tables and seating arrangements
  • Coordinating the reception timeline
  • Three meetings with clients
  • Unlimited calls and emails for concerns

Before Ceremony

  • Make sure set-up and décor for the ceremony and reception are done properly
  • Coordinates with florist, photographer, videographer, musicians, minister, and ceremony participants
  • Coordinator assists wedding party with pinning boutonnieres and corsages
  • Coordinates with flow of the ceremony
  • Coordinates seating of family and guests
  • Direct and line-up bridal party for the ceremony
  • Manages seating of the bridal entourage
  • Cues when to use the music
  • See to it that rings are ready
  • Coordinates with candle lighting
  • Coordinates with the bride’s entrance

After Ceremony

  • Coordinates with post-ceremony pictorials
  • Gathers materials used during the ceremony and bring them to the reception area
  • Manages recession of the bridal entourage
  • Gathers bridal entourage and some guests for petal/coin/rice throwing
  • Ushers guests to the reception venue


  • Coordinates with the caterer and entertainment
  • Ensures that the reception site is set up properly
  • Manages seating arrangements for all the guests and members of the entourage
  • Help guests locate their tables
  • Assists host during reception activities
  • Coordinates with the wedding dance
  • Assists during the wedding traditions
  • Routes guest book for signing
  • Silent cuing during guests’ pictorial before meal
  • Cues for the ceremonial toast and message giving
  • Manages souvenir giving
  • Wrap-up job – all left food are properly placed in plastic bags
  • Attends suppliers’ payments – optional

After Reception

  • Supervises collection of all gifts, memorabilia, guest book and pen,bridal bouquet, extra favors, materials used during the ceremony and ensures that all designated items are loaded in a vehicle
  • Make sure all personal property and gifts are secured

Quintet – Keyboard, Violin, Flute, Bass and Vocal
(Powerful Group Combination like a Mini Orchestra)
String Quartet – Piano, Violin 1, Violin 2, Bass with free Vocals
(High-level Performance)
Standard Quartet – Piano, Violin, Bass and Vocals
(Versatile Performance)
Romantic Trio – Piano, Violin and Vocals
(Evokes love and romance through music)
Jazz Trio – Piano, Bass and Vocals
(Exudes Soul Music)
Intimate Duo – Piano and Vocal/Violin
(Relaxed Casual Performance)
Classical Musicians
(Provide Highest Form of Music Portrayal from Selected Classics)
Funeral Musicians
(Make the moment heavenly special with proper music)
PROFESSIONAL WEDDING EMCEE – directs a smooth sailing program flow
PROFESSIONAL WEDDING SINGER – performs significant songs for an event
Wedding Event Management – Four Coordinators with Program Host
(Make Wedding Stress-Free from Professionals)
SOUND SYSTEM – adds music continuity

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