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“Theme from Summer of ’42” not only became a Top 40 instrumental hit in a recording by Peter Nero, but was also transformed, with lyrics added by Alan and Marilyn Bergman, into a song,

It was composed by Michel  Legrand in 1971 and since then it rose to heights due to its unique blend of melody that speaks of pure romance. Musicians all over the world favored to perform it the way they please only their emotions dictate.

It is the theme music from the film, Summer of 42, 1969 release and the popularity of the film catapulted the music score to heights even to this day. Seasoned musicians treasure the value of this music and in their minds this one is a great classic.

The privilege of performing this music is enough share from us, A Music and Events and we love the simplicity of its flow and remarkable melody so haunting with a certain unexplainable soul.


Playing For The Dead

Playing for the dead is a noble way of reverence that signifies spiritual life as eternal. It passes but remains in the forever. Music awakes the chamber of the unexplained even the dead can hear and elevating the essence that life is everywhere.  The wonder of funeral music is sometimes disregarded. Others regard it as soul for a sad event but it is a special gesture of great respect.

The privilege of sharing our music is primal regard expressing the soul of what we do. Perfection is not asked but the melody that floats around speaks of spirit that here we are wonderfully involved.

Wedding Organizer Manila


Weddings are one of the most memorable events and making the most of an event takes preparations with some involvement from people who know the craft. Here comes the wedding coordinators or event planner. A wedding organizer does the very details from scratch.

  • The first thing to consider is getting a slot for the ceremony whether a church or any place for that matter. A Christian Wedding either chooses outdoor or indoor. A solemn place is still the church and if you want a preferred slot, a year before the big event is best to book. When you had your reservation made. That’s it. Nobody can take it away from you.
  • Second consideration is booking for the reception. Be sure the proximity of the church and reception is convenient for your guests. Yes, your guests come to mind at all times. They are your concerns and the relatives, for sure. If possible, you can have your wedding reception there at the church’s courtyard. A garden reception or if they have a hall, rent the place and physical arrangement will do most of the tricks to make it wonderful.
  • Third, scout for someone to do your gown. There are many and if you are comfortable with someone then stick to him or her and tell what you really want and also listen to their suggestions because they know better. They want the best for you and their creation is an advertisement. There are hundreds of styles to select from and enough for your taste. As a rule, the simpler the better without much trimmings and what is considered most is the fit. Your motif plays a role considering a number of entourage you will be choosing and a statement you want to present.
  • Fourth is the catering service. Of course, the food has to be considered either buffet or not. And as you know, mostly it’s done the buffet way because you spend more if served. You have to consider the menu. There is the fish menu, pork or beef, chicken, pasta, of course, the salad thing and unforgotten soup, some fruits, desserts and drinks. Yes, either soda or juice or the common ice tea because it is healthy and cheaper.
  • Scout for someone to handle wedding videos and photographer. Don’t just book. Compare their works to the rest because they are many. They are gems to treasure and you can keep them for the rest of your life. Because of the technology we have, pictures and video clips can be kept for a long time. You can try for some still shots and see how he works and let them create a simple video clip to see how it turns out.
  • Then, next regard is the cake. It has to match your motif and the color. The more elaborate the cake is, the more expensive because of the work done. A simple cake perhaps, will do if it carries with it the striking color contrasts for visible effects. It’s a striking décor.
  • The seventh consideration is someone to do your hair and make-up. The make-up artist stays with you until the end of the show, retouching this and that, seeing to it that your make-up is in place all the time.
  • Consider also the giveaways. It has to reflect your personality and matches the motif you have. The giveaways for your sponsors must be different, something special and memorable and it’s not hard to find because it is really abundant anywhere. It only depends on your budget.
  • The music is a consideration. It is not necessary to have a big group. A trio or a quartet will do. It’s the quality of music that matters. And your music selections count the most with the suggestions from the music head. But your choices are what matters. 

  • Don’t underestimate the need of a florist because his expertise is needed to make wonder of a site. For sure he matches your motif with additional this and that to add color to your world. Your bridal bouquet has to be special. Yes, any bride wants to be different in a way. If possible, something new makes you feel set apart. And the members of the entourage have their share, too.

And the big day. The coordinators are on the move fixing things right according to plan and wishes of the couple. Of course, reminding the bride to relax and leave everything to us, assuring her that really everything is at its beck and call.

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Some Unique Wedding Ideas Revealed

Having attended to number of weddings made me observe some flair – a kind of unique ones and I love to share to the soon-to-be couples. Many are aware of these but to those who are not familiar with, join me as we journey into the world of marital bliss.


One touching moment is when the bridesmaids walk the aisle with lighted candles instead of bouquet and put them off when the ceremony begins. And to compliment this act is the lighting of the unity candle after the officiating minister declared the representation of the ritual. This is optional but if you feel that it adds color to the ceremony, do so.


Rarely done is the offering of the bride’s bouquet to the Virgin Mary during the Offertory.  I witnessed this done twice and found it distinctive especially when a soft background music of “Ave Maria”, by Schubert is played as the bride goes to offer the wreath. For sure she has another one to hold for the pictorials. The offering of her beautiful bouquet serves as an offertory gift instead of something else. bride offering bouquet


When the couple steps out of the church door, a special gesture of glee by releasing several doves together with the usual petal showers is a delight to watch. Even firework is a great idea, if budget permits. This is more cognizant during evening. 



Putting pens and small pieces of paper in a fancy basket placed in the middle of the table give the guests an idea for them to write their wishes for the couple, a prayer, perhaps or pieces of advice. These can be compiled in a scrapbook as special memento for both. Or some will be read during a portion of the program.


Some couples are at a loss when it comes to giveaways for the guests. Handing out a plant as souvenir sends a special message. A guest can grow it reminding the couple’s love for each other. Anything that discloses a meaning is keep sake. That’s when your imagination is called for.


Another great idea is setting up a unique wedding theme by going classic – everything in white. The flowers in the church, all entourage wears white, reception backdrops in white, a giant white fondant cake, some white wine in the table, musicians in plain white, white doves all around, white petals scattered on the table, white just about everywhere. I know it will take a lot of thoughts if you go on with this idea.  I got to see one and I was literally dazzled. white wedding theme


Doing weddings necessitate a certain kind of defined creativity. It brings out the juice from you leaving a room to expand the mind some more until a worthy craft is honed and shared. There is nothing to conceal when dealing with a couple. All you know has to be shared.

Popular Wedding Beliefs

During the early years numerous accounts were recorded about consequences that befell upon two people getting married. Perhaps, it happened several times and spread like fire creating fear among those who will tie the knot. Even today some are aware of wedding beliefs, the reason why they consult to find the meaning or symbolism of an act or anything related.

 As to  records of yesteryear, days played major consideration. Choosing a day signifies their future. Monday was connoted for wealth,Tuesday would bring health, Wednesday was the best day of all, Thursday meant losses, Friday symbolized crosses and Saturday was no luck at all. That brings us to believe that Fridays and Saturdays are the worst days to tie the knot.

 I don’t know if this is common to you that the bride must not make her own dress and never look in the mirror until totally dressed and as everybody knows that the groom must not see her in her wedding dress before she  arrives in church. Are you aware, too that when a bridal party meets a funeral, is unlucky? Do you know that when the clock in the church strikes during the ceremony is bad omen? Even a thunderstorm has to do without having children. Even death is put to test. The one who speaks the loudest dies first. Whoever drops the ring will be the first to leave. Also the first to turn away from the altar and the first to sleep during their first night dies first.

But the good news is that the first to step out of the church door will be the dominant partner ruling out.

There are other beliefs but the ones mentioned are quite new to many and universal. It’s not only us Pilipinos who are aware of these but the rest of the world.

It seems a warning but only you married couples know how to put things together and rule the way you live because you know better. The spirit within you dictates the right path.

How come that June is still dabbed as a good month to marry? During the 14th century all the citizens of that time took a bath yearly on May and doing so made them fresh the next month and that’s the reason why the month of June is a favored one holding the belief until today.

Also the belief that May is an unlucky because it was the Romans’ Feast of The Dead. And speaking of months, “Marry in lent, live to repent.”

It is also a belief that bad weather on the way to the ceremony brings unhappiness and if it is cloudy en route to your wedding brings stormy marriage but if there is snow on way to your wedding brings fertility and prosperity.

The veil, a very important piece for the bride is always the symbol of purity but do you know that during the Victorian era it was used to disguise the bride and fooled evil spirits?

Wedding Music Intimate Duo

Wedding Intimate Duo

Budget wise calls for options regarding entertainment in setting an event and the power of two comes to mind. A keyboardist and a vocalist can solve the worry. A wedding music duo presents powerful performance for simplicity is power. It has magic on its own and not much of frills here and there – just candid, cool and fixated portrayal.


Setting a theme that gathers small group in an intimate event place is a perfect call for genial entertainment. It has warmth. Even artists feel relaxed in such stead. Even rendition turns unreserved.


Entertainment presents a role for the success of an event. As you dine or drink and relaxed music or song backgrounds, it fashions an impact. Something different is in the air.


The soul of rendition is sending message in a restful manner. It doesn’t require powerful voice at its highest note. What it takes is a certain involvement that leaves a picture of artistry. An intimate duo is on your side.

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The Love of Music

Music as its very core is universal and created to express a message that broadens when felt. It is created first to impress but listening from a draft of music turns differently when polished. You can now see the difference as it progresses from some corrections here and there mainly to create a masterpiece. Undoubtedly, a masterpiece is only you can define and anything of value to you when done with heart and soul is your masterpiece.

Listening to music carries you through more appreciation when the mood and time are called for. Even just sitting somewhere and a passing music comes surprises your senses when it’s true to your ears. Even a mother’s hum to a dear child lifts the spirit. A thing of beauty is a joy forever transcends everywhere and anytime that’s why we are creatures of nature distinguishing a magic in the air.

For sure, you know that music relaxes the mind and blows soft breeze into your ears. For music is for the heart. For music is a communion with God. Even silence is music. The vibration of silence is so tiny that it offers you a sort of relaxation, a kind of balm. Even a very relaxing tone as you speak is music. Even a cry of a baby is music.

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Pinoy Wedding Musician Defines Artistry of Songs and Music

Weddings 2

A positive assertion for a music provider such as wedding musicians is recognition due them. A consolation for sharing beautiful music intends an idea that all artists, especially a musician deserves accolade in any manner possible.

Why do we keep the music playing but to entertain and just a mere applause timidly done is enough to say, “You are good, man!” That is considered. An artist of any genre is sensitive and the passion still creeps to share something of the beautiful. Maybe, it is more than the price of money. It is a gift from God worth sharing and why are we here in this vast universe but to contribute. Music is our contribution – beautifully crafted piece that speaks the language of the soul. It really matters that music of all time is perfectly instilled in one’s imagination. It is a sort of educating someone whose ears are far beyond recognizing wonderful melody.

A musician is a story teller. A singer impacts the message. They work hand in hand in crafting the magic of passionate performance. Intelligence is needed to make musician understand that not all appreciates. It is easy to say that I enjoy your lyrical interpretation of a song or your mastery of music but how is it meant for? All are artists and professing being enthralled is doubtful. Critics always find the bad side of a person’s point of ascension. He wants the easy way to destroy. He is a jealous artist. He craves a win to the expense of dealing with the bad side of nature, instead of enjoying the heartfelt share of a passionate musician.

The world turns dreary when beauty is diminished. An unexplored music dims the side of space and only raindrops add sound around. But it doesn’t compete with what is considered as melody. The harmony of sound gathered is there to listen to. It comes from one’s soul. It explains why we want to enjoy life. It connects to craving for what is true and beautiful. And when felt, it is an awakening.

Each has its own deal. Even just a song intended to be heard when done rightly is a sign of release. What more with those whose passion for something is immersed. It is such delight feeling the obligation of tending the roots of upcoming artistry that surprises. Wedding musicians exemplify the true care of what music is all about. The magic of melody sensitizes the angry heart. It elevates sanity. It creates a space of believing that anybody can create magic in the air. Are we not magicians in our own right?

True. There is nothing unpleasant in a song. Still, the message injects hurt, perhaps. A dismal sentiment is felt. What is considered is trying something else. Maybe a love song plays trust. It might ring romance in your ears and awakes the artist in you. We are all sparrows in the field trying to find a niche. Maybe someday I’ll hit the right cord to meet the standard of a world class Filipino artist. Or greater.

The field of wedding music is an engagement. It explains a side of profession to entertain but how long can you sustain your class act to the best it can be? Just enjoy living the life of musical invasion. That way, it leads a pedestal of enjoying passion.

Christian Wedding Ceremony


Traditional Christian Wedding still follows the old way of running how the ceremony goes and the Minister or Pastor who will officiate the order still has the say unless the couple has something rolled in their sleeves to make their wedding with a difference. Modern times speak of innovation and imagination that creep into doing contemporary wedding ritual without destroying the essence of a true Christian Marriage Rite.

Ø PRELUDE – While guests are seated, especially the bride and the groom’s grandparents, a kind of prelude music sets the mood. It needs not be purely Christian Music but Classical Music defines what is best for everyone regardless if you appreciate or not the message that imparts. This takes around 10 minutes for your reverie.

Ø PROCESSION – The traditional Christian Order doesn’t involve the principal sponsors and seems disregarding their presence and now a Christian Wedding involves them like a Catholic processional arrangement and evidently speaking, if you attend a Christian Wedding, you see principal sponsors marching along the aisle not like the old traditional way where the groom’s parents don’t march with their son or the bridal march where only the father walks with her daughter with the Bride’s mother already seated. Well, not anymore. Special people are given due importance.

This is a sample of bridal entourage line-up similar to a Catholic Wedding now engaging members to be in with their partners walking on as majestic music is played. The Officiant Minister can devise it if he desires but this is the way it goes for many weddings, not excluding a Christian Rite.

This is the order of the procession similar to a Catholic Processional Order of The Bridal Entourage.


Ø GIVING OF THE BRIDE – The minister normally has his spiels signifying among the congregation that the bride has to be handed over to the groom with their acceptance by answering yes or a nod of acceptance. This is a typical Christian ritual.


Ø MESSAGE – ELEMENTS OF GOOD MARRIAGE are standard examples of carrying on with the minister’s words of wisdom, enumerating how important they are for the couple to heed on when listened to intently and depends upon the one delivering those important words. The pastor can do it otherwise with his own devised approach of giving a message not necessarily following the elements to its very essence. Just a sincere message can carry along.

Ø CHARGE TO THE COUPLE – This act signifies a certain spell for the couple to take into account the compelling act of accepting the ups and downs of married life and their vow for each other to keep.

Ø CHARGE TO THE PARENTS – A ritual that expresses how the guidance of their parents is considered that they should be around with their ready helping hand when the need arises.

Ø CHARGE TO THE SPONSORS – A really nice gesture of suggesting an open arm to welcome the couple during time of trouble.

Ø CHARGE TO THE CONGREGATION – This encourages everybody during the ceremony to at least, share a prayer for the couple to live a happy lives together as husband and wife.

Ø THE PLDEGE – Now this turns to something nostalgic by saying what one feels like expressing what comes from the recesses of one’s sincere thoughts and this is the moment with tears or laughter, perhaps. This is the couple’s stage.

Ø GIVING OF VOWS – A moment where two hearts are joined with the help of the minister applying the magic words uniting them together without fail. He now digs into the pure message of marital vows expressed and unreserved acceptance.

Ø GIVING OF THE RINGS – This simply explains that they will be united forever by the power of the pastor’s words like the Christ Jesus. He has the power now at this very instance.

Ø UNITY CANDLE – I love this dramatic moment especially the golden symbolism of the ritual where Background Music is played as they light their candles to be forever in flames, figuratively speaking.

Ø BIBLE – A handy book that miraculously opens into their eyes the good teachings of the Lord. That every good has to be given to each. That love has to reign. That forgiveness is evident.

Ø COINS – Plain to say that sharing their marital wealth is a practical way of dealing life as it goes. In sickness and in health, through wealth and abundance be theirs also to share.

Ø VEIL AND CORD – This act finishes their pure intentions and no turning back or rejecting the call of time when something gets weary. They are totally one in spirit and soul entwined to travel in moment’s time and the end. Though at times each fails to keep the promise for frail is the human spirit but being together strengthens the bond to keep for eternity.

Ø SIGNING OF THE CONTRACT – A Song or Music Rendition

Ø PRONOUNCEMENT – Publicly, they are now accepted and in the eyes of God, they are true Christians of the world propagating the spirit of Christ-like self. That everybody has to be bonded to reach the pinnacle of free spirit exemplifying only the good.

Ø THE KISS – Music

Ø DECLARATION – And so it is.


A Christian Wedding Ceremony is one dramatic moment with the rituals that speak of union and creating the real impression of accepting what pushes the couple joining hand in hand in marriage. It expresses how one feels and accepting now the other frailties and greatness as a human being. I now believe that it takes two to tango and marital bliss happens this way. Try to live in a desert alone and you be the judge.

Wedding Planning Philippines


To actualize an ideal wedding is a sincere gesture from wedding coordinators for a rescue. Bailout can come from friends or relatives but this limits the scope of the bride’s intentions. We can say that she has a wedding plan ready for execution but she doesn’t have the full position to demand, that to say is a restraint.

Wedding Coordination is a second option, a discretion at play if both the groom-to-be and bride-to-be are engrossed with their work affording them less time for wedding preparations. For sure, there are lots of ideas crowding their minds and a wedding coordinator releases them for implementation. Even small details are considered for that achievable dream wedding.

Spicing a wedding is a careful choice of providing music for the ceremony, as well as the reception and wedding musicians in the Philippines are world class when it comes to performance. Being a core group in wedding event planning and passion for music, we work comfortably with one another contributing honest unselfish involvement. Maybe, we can call it a legacy – passion for music and competent event management.

To complete an involvement, we take the fervent task to prepare wedding reception program that suits the feel of the wedding theme with final touches from the couple, of course. Working hand-in-hand with the wedding planner, we see to it that every moment is a reflection of an ideal, smooth and festive commitment. The reception program is a culmination of all details put into action for all the guests’ delight, the fun being around during the celebration shares happiness for the couple. And just the mere presence of their guests with smile on their faces is enough to say that their wedding is a hit.

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