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Philippine musicians find considerable time sharing the best they can, performing what is desired for weddings when requested aiming solely to delight and execute music that is suitable to an event.

A seemly music ensemble that puts up a cut above the rest music is an assessment how good Pinoy musicians are – no rehearsals, just a piece of note and tip-top sound system match world class feat.

A true talent needs to be shared and when a fitting moment comes requires involvement. The pecuniary angle is secondhand but sad to say, most musicians look on the sign more than sharing the gift. Yes, it is needed, but there are times when musicians compromise and generous enough to forego the thought and just share artistry.

What matters is the immeasurable correspondence and satisfaction derived from a performance. And that makes God wink for approval.

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A Wedding Musician’s Poetry

A Wedding Musician’s Poem

Upon the breath of time rules the coming of a performance

The magic of hand crafts piece from a musician

To share the legal beauty of music for someone

Who appreciates the dazzling score at hand


Everyday I hear the sound of wonderland

Repeating the rhyme from a wedding music band

With eyes closed feeling the easy beat as it runs

Leading me to dreamland


Ah, such anxiety’s gone

From the touch of an artist’s brand

Even sleepily as he strands

But the joy of passion is never bland


Comes now the voice of an angel so grand

Captivating everyone like an artist from France

Where uniquely formed song translates as trance

Mesmerizes like grand theme from Cannes


But wedding music from the heart is never done

Always comes from that splendid catch of a man

Who knows marital theme even they say there’s none

There, the melody creeps, such great fun


Golden Wedding Song

Choosing a bridal song is added concern for the bride but it is just a snazzy whim that becomes monumental when she walks the aisle. Sometimes, the bride lets the artists do what fits but musicians offer suggestions to make her mind. She knows best.

A Golden Wedding is different. Usually, the husband and wife walk together the aisle and a meaningful moving song leaves a far-reaching sense of the moment. It contributes to a courtly observance of breathtaking ritual.

The prominence of a wedding ceremony is felt during the Bridal Walk. It lords over the rest of the traditions that follow. It veers your attention mesmerized until the bride reaches the altar.

Simply worth a hail.

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I Am A Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator’s Remarks

Organizing a wedding is a simple task based on practical knowledge of knowing the in- and -outs of weddings through exposure.  And having the light of the day is enough confidence to do right. I don’t speak of perfection but the sincerity to ease the tide on that special wedding day is primal concern.

The groom, bride and family’s considerations are marked as guidelines for a coordinator to follow a smooth path in all the actions required with an added refinement here and there. And no complaints are seen and felt because if you love what you do, there is no tiring.

Organizing a wedding is salubrious and being on the spot is conquering the qualms of those involved and your triumph is extra sweet peace on a special day.

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Where To Find Best Musicians Manila

Old music has magic and never is forgotten for melody of the past remains up to the present time. Many remains popular and performed by artists and music group on their own interpretation. Some stand out, others do brilliantly.

Augustine Music and Events belongs to a group where passion for music counts. The clear, concise manner of performance speaks of what the music or song intends to convey. What is better way to perform but best as it can be.

Playing classic melody demonstrates the range of what a musicians can do easily. It is simple art trick where practice makes perfect. That separates mediocrity and when you really love your craft, excellence is on mind not only to please but share the beauty of music.

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“Theme from Summer of ’42” not only became a Top 40 instrumental hit in a recording by Peter Nero, but was also transformed, with lyrics added by Alan and Marilyn Bergman, into a song,

It was composed by Michel  Legrand in 1971 and since then it rose to heights due to its unique blend of melody that speaks of pure romance. Musicians all over the world favored to perform it the way they please only their emotions dictate.

It is the theme music from the film, Summer of 42, 1969 release and the popularity of the film catapulted the music score to heights even to this day. Seasoned musicians treasure the value of this music and in their minds this one is a great classic.

The privilege of performing this music is enough share from us, A Music and Events and we love the simplicity of its flow and remarkable melody so haunting with a certain unexplainable soul.

Playing For The Dead

Playing for the dead is a noble way of reverence that signifies spiritual life as eternal. It passes but remains in the forever. Music awakes the chamber of the unexplained even the dead can hear and elevating the essence that life is everywhere.  The wonder of funeral music is sometimes disregarded. Others regard it as soul for a sad event but it is a special gesture of great respect.

The privilege of sharing our music is primal regard expressing the soul of what we do. Perfection is not asked but the melody that floats around speaks of spirit that here we are wonderfully involved.

Wedding Organizer Manila


Weddings are one of the most memorable events and making the most of an event takes preparations with some involvement from people who know the craft. Here comes the wedding coordinators or event planner. A wedding organizer does the very details from scratch.

  • The first thing to consider is getting a slot for the ceremony whether a church or any place for that matter. A Christian Wedding either chooses outdoor or indoor. A solemn place is still the church and if you want a preferred slot, a year before the big event is best to book. When you had your reservation made. That’s it. Nobody can take it away from you.
  • Second consideration is booking for the reception. Be sure the proximity of the church and reception is convenient for your guests. Yes, your guests come to mind at all times. They are your concerns and the relatives, for sure. If possible, you can have your wedding reception there at the church’s courtyard. A garden reception or if they have a hall, rent the place and physical arrangement will do most of the tricks to make it wonderful.
  • Third, scout for someone to do your gown. There are many and if you are comfortable with someone then stick to him or her and tell what you really want and also listen to their suggestions because they know better. They want the best for you and their creation is an advertisement. There are hundreds of styles to select from and enough for your taste. As a rule, the simpler the better without much trimmings and what is considered most is the fit. Your motif plays a role considering a number of entourage you will be choosing and a statement you want to present.
  • Fourth is the catering service. Of course, the food has to be considered either buffet or not. And as you know, mostly it’s done the buffet way because you spend more if served. You have to consider the menu. There is the fish menu, pork or beef, chicken, pasta, of course, the salad thing and unforgotten soup, some fruits, desserts and drinks. Yes, either soda or juice or the common ice tea because it is healthy and cheaper.
  • Scout for someone to handle wedding videos and photographer. Don’t just book. Compare their works to the rest because they are many. They are gems to treasure and you can keep them for the rest of your life. Because of the technology we have, pictures and video clips can be kept for a long time. You can try for some still shots and see how he works and let them create a simple video clip to see how it turns out.
  • Then, next regard is the cake. It has to match your motif and the color. The more elaborate the cake is, the more expensive because of the work done. A simple cake perhaps, will do if it carries with it the striking color contrasts for visible effects. It’s a striking décor.
  • The seventh consideration is someone to do your hair and make-up. The make-up artist stays with you until the end of the show, retouching this and that, seeing to it that your make-up is in place all the time.
  • Consider also the giveaways. It has to reflect your personality and matches the motif you have. The giveaways for your sponsors must be different, something special and memorable and it’s not hard to find because it is really abundant anywhere. It only depends on your budget.
  • The music is a consideration. It is not necessary to have a big group. A trio or a quartet will do. It’s the quality of music that matters. And your music selections count the most with the suggestions from the music head. But your choices are what matters. 

  • Don’t underestimate the need of a florist because his expertise is needed to make wonder of a site. For sure he matches your motif with additional this and that to add color to your world. Your bridal bouquet has to be special. Yes, any bride wants to be different in a way. If possible, something new makes you feel set apart. And the members of the entourage have their share, too.

And the big day. The coordinators are on the move fixing things right according to plan and wishes of the couple. Of course, reminding the bride to relax and leave everything to us, assuring her that really everything is at its beck and call.

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